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ID Badges

There has been a change in relation to the production of Trust ID Badges.
Responsibility for the production of ID badges now sits with our Centralised Recruitment Team.


Badges for new staff

Central Recruitment will continue to ensure that all new staff receive ID Badges as part of the recruitment process and will send the badge to the recruiting manager with the personnel file before the Recruit's start date.


Replacement Badges for existing staff

The process for requesting replacement ID Badges has changed, and is as follows.

  • Any staff needing a replacement ID badge should make their request through their Manager. The Manager will need to visit the links below and complete the ID Badge Replacement Request form electronically.
  • Once completed, the form needs to be e-mailed by the manager to the SSSFT ID Badge Requests (Generic Mailbox). An up to date photograph should be attached in the standard JPEG format. If a photo is not attached the replacement badge will be produced using the photograph taken for the previous ID Badge.


ID Badge queries

If you have any queries relating to the production of ID Badges, please email the Generic Mailbox above.

Return of ID Badges when staff leave

Under the Trust's Security Management Policy, ID badges must be surrendered to the individual's line manager on leaving the Trust. Please ensure that staff who are leaving the Trust’s employment return their badge to their manager who will then destroy the badge and dispose of it.

Door passes

Door passes to buildings are provided by Facilities and Estates, please request through the F&E Portal