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Secondment Policy

The aim of this Policy is to provide advice and support to facilitate the secondment approval process and on-going management of the process for internal and external secondments of Trust employees and also includes guidance to help managers evaluate the terms of secondment agreements related to potential incoming secondees from outside the Trust.


  • The principle of this Policy is to ensure that secondment requests are considered in an equitable, fair and effective manner that balances both the needs of the Trust and the rights of the employee.
  • Applications for secondment will be considered with due regard to Equality, Diversity and Human Rights.
  • The Policy recognises the reciprocal benefit of secondments to the Trust, employees and partner organisations.
  • Although each secondment will vary in nature the underlying principle of every secondment must be to pursue the professional development of the employee in the context of meeting the current and future needs of the Trust.

This Policy applies to all employees of the Trust.


Link to the full Policy:

Secondment Policy

Link to Equality Impact Assessment:

Secondment Policy EIA