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Pay Protection Policy

There is a need for the Trust to continuously review the services it provides to meet the needs of our stakeholders, service users and achieve strategic objectives. In order for this to be effective a process of organisational change is required.

The overriding aim of the Policy is to establish a clear framework for protecting individual's Basic pay where this is affected through a process of organisational change.

This Policy will:

  • recognise that such changes will be of concern to staff and that a clear, defined framework needs to be in place to minimise any such anxieties
  • support to minimise the risk of redundancy within the Trust by ensuring pay is protected through the agreed framework where Basic Pay is affected through the offer of a suitable alternative post
  • enable valuable skills, knowledge and experience to be retained within the Trust or, if that is not possible within the NHS
  • to observe all the requirements of any legislation.


Link to the full Policy:

Pay Protection Policy

Link to the Equalities Impact Analysis:

Pay Protection Policy - EIA