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Dress Code Policy

In indicating standards for dress by employees of South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (The Trust), the following four key rationales have been utmost in deciding the appropriateness of dress:

  • As an employee of a public service, staff are required to present a corporate and professional to staff, patients, visitors and relatives as part of their responsibilities.
  • Working on behalf of a range of people requires our staff to do everything they can to enhance the profile of our services and demonstrate a positive professional image at all times.
  • Every employee has a responsibility to minimise the risk of injury and ill health to themselves, others and patients whilst at work. Therefore risks associated with items of clothing or accessories must be considered in relation to activities being carried out whether clinical or non-clinical. This is particularly relevant with safe moving and handling practices, reducing risks of cross infection and should be appropriate to the clinical setting
  • The Trust is committed to promote diversity and equality of opportunity within the workforce and will therefore respect an individual's preference or requirement for customary dress, subject to the minimisation of the health and safety risks, if required


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Dress Code Policy


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Dress Code Policy EIA