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Grievance and Disputes Policy

To resolve both individual and collective grievances and disputes raised by an employee or group of employees.

To outline arrangements which are publicised, well defined and which ensure a fair, effective and consistent method of dealing with grievances and disputes.

To ensure that in the interests of both the Trust and the employees, that grievances and disputes are resolved as quickly as possible and as near as possible to the point of origin. Employees are therefore advised to raise issues informally with their supervisor or line manager in the first instance. However where this does not resolve the matter, employees are encouraged to use the grievance procedure to deal with issues promptly and prevent matters becoming a cause for concern for individuals or the Trust. Therefore, there is an expectation that both the Trust and the employee/s should actively work together to resolve the grievance with a commitment to attend any meeting arranged to discuss the issue concerned.

Employee's using the grievance procedure will be treated in a fair and equitable manner and care taken to ensure that confidentiality is maintained and any form of victimisation prevented. Any malicious allegation raised as part of the grievance, may lead to disciplinary action being taken.

This Policy applies to all members of staff regardless of band or discipline.


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Grievance and Disputes Policy

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Grievance and Disputes Policy EIA