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eRoster Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the effective utilisation of the workforce through efficient rostering. Electronic Rostering (also known as HealthRoster but referred to as E-Rostering throughout the rest of this document) has been adopted by SSSFT to allow management and planning of the workforce in an efficient and effective manner. It has been implemented across a number of Trusts with clear benefits to both staff and organisation.
SSSFT recognises the value of its workforce and is committed to supporting staff to provide high quality patient care. Whilst acknowledging the need to balance the effective provision of service with supporting staff to achieve an appropriate work life balance, it is recognised that the Trust needs to be able respond to changing service requirements. A flexible, efficient and robust rostering system is key to achieving this objective.
The rostering policy will be used in conjunction with E-Rostering as and when this system has been rolled out to individual Units.
E-Rostering is a computerised system specifically designed for use by individual staff, Unit Managers and Senior Managers. It rosters staff to agreed staffing requirements, manages staff availability and contracts and allows clear visibility of unit demand levels. It will also track and produce reports for avoidable costs, absence, leave, additional duties, overtime and bank/agency usage and booking arrangements.
Electronic Staff Record (ESR) will remain the master Human Resource and Payroll system. The secure interface between ESR and E-Rostering will be used to transfer data between systems keeping both up to date.

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E-Rostering Policy and Procedure


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