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Organisational Change Policy

There is a need for the Trust to continuously review the services it provides to meet the needs of stakeholders and to achieve strategic objectives.

The Trust recognises that its employees are its single most important asset and is committed to protecting their employment security through effective workforce planning. This policy is required as there may be occasions such as changes to funding provision, the demand for services or the way they are delivered and/or a change in the demand at a national or local level which require changes to staffing within the Trust.


The Policy recognises that :-


  • Changes will be of concern to staff and that a process needs to be in place to minimise any such anxieties.
  • Robust methods are needed for consultation and engagement of staff and their representatives, in the changes which affect them.
  • The risk of redundancy within the Trust will be minimised by ensuring that all other options are considered before any member of staff is made redundant.
  • Valuable skills, knowledge and experience are retained within the Trust or, if that is not possible within the local health economy.
  • Employees have the right of appeal against any actions taken by the Trust in where they consider they have been treated unfairly or unreasonably.
  • Legislative requirements are observed.


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Organisational Change Policy

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