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Bullying and Harassment Policy

As part of its overall commitment to equality for a diverse workforce, the Trust wishes to create a working environment that promotes the right of each individual to be treated with consideration, dignity and respect. Everyone is responsible for contributing to a working environment in which dignity of others is respected.

The Trust recognises it has a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that employees are not subject to inappropriate behaviour that will not only affect their performance but also their health and wellbeing. All employees have a responsibility to challenge bullying, harassment or unfair treatment of any kind to ensure that employees are aware it will not be tolerated.

The Trust views bullying harassment or unfair treatment as wholly unacceptable behaviour, which contravenes both the Equal Opportunities Policy and Disciplinary Policy and Procedure.


Link to the full Policy:

Bullying and Harassment Policy


Link to the Equalities Impact Analysis:

Bullying and Harassment Policy EIA


Links to associated appendices:

Appendix 1 - Formal Notification of Harassment or Bullying Complaint Form

Appendix 2 - Flowchart