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Flexible Working Policy

The aim of this Policy is to recognise that attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining skilled and experienced employees is central to the achievement of its business goals and objectives, and the provision of a high quality service. The Trust is committed to considering flexible and supportive family friendly practices and arrangements which enable staff to balance their work and careers with the demands of a family and/or other commitments and responsibilities more effectively, leading to greater individual and business performance, increased levels of engagement and commitment from workers at all levels. 
Flexible working is designed to address the changing profile of the workforce and the need for the Trust to be able to deliver services to patients on a 24/7 basis. It enables the use of advances in technology, provides a valuable recruitment and retention tool and aims to meet the increased demand for an effective work-life balance. Flexible working aligns closely to the Trust’s second core value; ‘we value our staff’. 

Link to the full Policy:

Flexible Working Policy

 Link to the Equalities Impact Analysis:

Flexible Working Policy EIA