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Remediation Policy and Procedure for Medical Staff

South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation trust (SSSFT) hereafter referred to as the "Trust" is responsible for setting measurable, realistic and achievable standards of performance and behaviour for medical staff. The Trust has a responsibility to ensure that employees understand what is required of them as part of their role. This includes identifying areas of poor performance and managing these issues in a supportive and consistent method.

This document aims to provide a clear set of procedures which can be referred to throughout the remediation process. The purpose of this policy is to have a fair approach to the remediation of medical employees.

This Remediation Policy has been developed in order to support the management of performance of practitioners across SSSFT. The Trust recognises that the success of our service is dependent upon the effectiveness and quality of our employees. Our aim throughout this Policy is to resolve situations, which relate specifically to the lack of capability of an employee to perform the work which they are employed to do.

This procedure is based on the NCAS document 'Back on Track' and 'Tackling Concerns Locally'.

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Remediation Policy and Procedure for Medical Staff

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Remediation Policy and Procedure for Medical Staff EIA