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Medical Appraisal and Job Planning Policy

Medical Appraisal was first introduced for NHS consultants in 2001 and for general practitioners in 2002. It has been generally well regarded by doctors and it has provided organisations with an opportunity to review the performance of individuals and align their professional development with service and organisational development.

The White Paper ‘Trust, Assurance and Safety – The Regulation of Health Professionals in the 21st Century The broadly formative theme of appraisal will be retained but, in addition, objective summative judgments will be made about the supporting information provided by the appraisee on performance and whether the doctor is progressing satisfactorily towards a successful medical revalidation cycle.


Link to the full Policy:

Medical Appraisal and Job Planning Policy

Link to the Equalities Impact Analysis:

Medical Appraisal EIA

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Medical Appraisal SOP

Job Planning SOP

Link to the SOP Equalities Impact Analysis:

Medical Appraisal SOP EIA