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Learning and Development Policy

This Policy outlines how employees will be supported through learning and development to meet their role requirements and responsibilities to ensure the provision of high quality, safe and effective services.

The Trust recognises its responsibility for developing its workforce and aspires to be an excellent employer that provides a productive and beneficial working environment in line with our 3 core values:

  • People who use our services are at the centre
  • We value our staff
  • Our partnerships are important to us

A competent workforce that demonstrates the values, attitudes and behaviours to deliver our strategic aims is fundamental to the Trust’s sustainability and future success and this policy aims to ensure all employees are treated fairly and not discriminated against unlawfully in respect of access to learning and development opportunities. 

In line with equality legislation, this policy document can be made available in other formats to support specific needs of individuals on request e.g. large print, audio or Braille.

Link to the full Policy:

Learning and Development Policy

Link to the Equalities Impact Analysis:

Learning and Development Policy EIA

Link to the Standard Operating Procedures:

Induction of New Staff SOP

Learning Leave Request Approval SOP

Reviewing Agreeing Mandatory Training SOP

Managing Attendance at Mandatory Training SOP

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Link to the SOP Equalities Impact Analysis:

Induction of New Staff SOP EIA

Learning Leave Request Approval SOP EIA

Managing Attendance at Mandatory Training SOP EIA

Reviewing Agreeing Mandatory Training SOP EIA