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Recruitment and Resourcing Policy

This Policy outlines the key principles of the recruitment and selection of employees to the Trust ensuring compliance with equality, human rights, employment legislation and statutory and mandatory requirements in relation to recruitment and selection.  This policy should be read and understood in conjunction with the Trust’s Policies and Standard Operating Procedures relating to Employment Checks, Professional Registration, Disclosure and Barring Service, Fixed Term Contracts, Probationary Periods, Removal and Relocation Expenses.

The Trust is committed to ensuring the effective recruitment, selection and retention of appropriately qualified and experienced staff in the most efficient and effective way.  This will be achieved by both recruiting staff from outside the Trust and developing existing staff to enable them to take on new roles.

Effective recruitment and selection is crucial to the successful functioning of the Trust.  This will mean recruiting people with the necessary skills, expertise and qualifications to deliver the Trust’s objectives.


Link to the full Policy:

Recruitment and Resourcing Policy

Feedback Tracking Form - R & R Policy - Associated document

Link to the Policy Equalities Impact Analysis:

Recruitment and Resourcing Policy - EIA

Link to the Standard Operating Procedures:

Employment Checks (Employees and Bank Workers) SOP

Leavers SOP

Probationary Period SOP

Reference Checks SOP

Link to the SOPs Equalities Impact Analysis:

Employment Checks (Employees and Bank Workers) SOP - EIA