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Performance and Development Conversation Policy

The aim of this Policy is to enable the Trust to recognise and reward performance through a process of quality Performance and Development Conversations (PDCs) between an individual and their line manager. This Policy identifies the critical role line managers have in ensuring a fair process of managing performance, facilitating open and transparent decisions relating to pay progression, employee development and objective setting to support the Trust in delivering its Strategic Objectives.

This Policy demonstrates the Trust’s commitment to recognising the equitable nature of both delivery against objectives in role and behaviour as indicators of performance and identifies the clear link both of these have to supporting and managing individual and team performance. A key responsibility of every line manager is to ensure all members of their team understand how their performance in role impacts on the overall performance of the Trust – to help us ensure we get it right for service users, carers, colleagues and partners every time.


Link to the full Policy:

Performance and Development Conversation (PDC) Policy

Link to the Policy & SOP Equalities Impact Analysis:

Performance and Development Conversation (PDC) Policy & SOP - EIA

Link to the Standard Operating Procedures:

Performance and Development Conversation (PDC) SOP

Link to the Additional Documentation:

Your Performance and Development Conversation documentation

Your Performance and Development Conversation Employee's Guidance

Your Performance and Development Conversation Manager's Guidance 

Team Summary of PDC Ratings

PDC Directorate Summary

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