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Working with Partners Policy (and Associated Due Diligence)

This report provides colleagues with an overview of the Working with Partners Policy and associated method of conducting due diligence on potential partners.

Should colleagues agree with this approach it will form the content of a Working with Partners Policy.


Partnerships are key to a successful organisation. There are a wide range of services that we cannot provide alone and many which should not be provided by one type of organisation at all. Mental Health and Learning Disability services have enjoyed a wide range of partnerships and collaborative relationships with many providers or services. This is reflected in membership councils and their links to the local communities that they serve.

If we are to believe that partnerships are the future, both to the way in which we deliver services but also in the way that we deliver the ‘business’, we will need a robust framework in order to assess our current and potential partners. This is required to protect our organisation and fully understand what kind of relationship we are getting into.


Link to the full policy:

Working with Partners Policy (and Associated Due Diligence)