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Investment Policy

 Investments are defined as:

  • Reportable transactions: All investments that are reportable to Monitor under the thresholds for reporting investments in the Compliance Framework
  • Other transactions: All investments that may have any one or more of the following characteristics:
    - an equity component, which is defined as any participation involving shares and securities, debt instruments convertible into equity. Options conferring the right to acquire equity in the future, royalties, participation in the profits of the enterprise, and all types of mezzanine finance where the returns exceed normal secured debt returns
    - significant reputational risk
    - the potential to destabilise the core business
    - the creation of material contingent liabilities
  • Business Cases: The development of a business case to request financial support. These cases will follow specific templates and where appropriate the Capital Investment Manual
  • Tenders: The completion of a tender or "Bid" against a defined specification to deliver goods or services. These are often prescribed formats and follow European Procurement Law guidance


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Investment Policy