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Procurement Policy

This Policy is required to ensure that the Procurement activity of the Trust is carried out in accordance with the strategy in place, with over arching principles of achieving best overall value for the Trust.

Purchasing decisions are not solely judged on obtaining goods or services for the lowest possible price, rather on value for money, taking into account the total cost to procure and the lifecycle of the goods or services.

In support of these objectives the Trust has procedures and processes in place to ensure:-

  • Supplier are appropriately selected
  • Goods and services are purchased only with proper authorisation
  • Appropriate and compliant tender processes are used – where necessary
  • Goods and services are received and correctly recorded
  • Payments are only made for goods and services received

This Policy applies to the all procurement of non-pay expenditure where stated in the current strategy. 


Link to the full Policy:

Procurement Policy