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Debt Collection Policy

This Debt Policy applies to South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust debts.

Raising of Invoices:

An invoice whether NHS or Non-NHS, should be raised in a timely manner and must highlight or have attached sufficient information to ensure prompt payment. Invoices should be raised as a result of an agreed service or contract with the debtor. Contact names and telephone numbers in the debtor organisation must be provided on documentation, otherwise the request to raise the invoice will be returned to the appropriate staff member inevitably causing delays with the issuing of an invoice. Delays in issuing an invoice in a timely manner with the correct information can result in difficulties with recovering the debt.

All debtors (NHS or Non-NHS) will receive an account statement within 5 working days of the monthly ledger closedown.

Any outstanding debts after the action taken above will be pursued in accordance with the detailed policy below. It should be noted at this point that all organisations, including NHS, individuals, local authorities all operate in different ways and the main aim of this Trust is to successfully recover the debt, therefore this policy cannot be rigid in its description and a certain amount of flexibility needs to be considered and common sense prevail.


Link to the full policy:

Debt Collection Policy