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Travel Expenses and Subsistence Policy

This Policy seeks to ensure that all staff are aware of arrangements for the entitlement to claim reimbursement from NHS funds for expenditure necessarily incurred during the course of their work. This Policy states that only extra expense necessarily incurred during business or course attendance will be reimbursed.

It sets out the duty of the individual to ensure any claim is accurate and legitimate and the duty of the manager to confirm, so far as is practicable to do so, that the claim is right and proper and consistent with any advance authorisation which may have been given.

It also sets out to ensure the best use of public monies at all times. The Trust has effective internal control arrangements in place to provide that only the rates and allowances listed in the sections below are paid to members of staff in accordance with Agenda for Change, the Medical & Dental handbook, TUPE T&Cs and pre determined local arrangements.

All expenditure on travelling and other allowances should be capable of justification by reference to this policy and irregular claims are open to be challenged.

Claims for expenses should be made using the Trust’s electronic expenses system.


Link to the full Policy:

Travel Expenses and Subsistence Policy


Link to the Equalities Impact Analysis:

Travel Expenses and Subsistence Policy EIA