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Reservation of Powers to the Board and Delegation of Powers.

Scheme of delegation – This document sets out the powers reserved by the Board for which they are accountable to the Council of Members, while at the same time delegating to the appropriate level the detailed application of Trust policies and procedures. However, the Board remains accountable for all of its functions, even those delegated to the Chairman, individual directors or officers and therefore, expect to receive information about the exercise of delegated functions to enable it to maintain a monitoring role.

Role of the Chief Executive - All powers of the Trust which have not been retained as reserved by the Board or delegated to an executives committee or sub-committee shall be exercised on behalf of the Board by the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive shall prepare a Scheme of Delegation identifying which functions he shall perform personally and which functions have been delegated to other Directors and Officers.

All powers delegated by the Chief Executive can be reassumed by him/her should the need arise. As Accountable Officer the Chief Executive is accountable to the Council of Members for the funds entrusted to the Trust.

Caution over the Use of Delegated Powers

Powers are delegated to Directors and Officers on the understanding that they would not exercise delegated powers in a matter which in their judgement was likely to be a cause for public concern.

Directors’ Ability to Delegate their own Delegated Powers

The Scheme of Delegation shows only the “top level” of delegation within the Trust. The Scheme is to be used in conjunction with the system of budgetary control and other procedures within the Trust.

Absence of Directors or Officer to Whom Powers have been Delegated

In the absence of a Director or Officer to whom powers have been delegated those powers shall be exercised by that Director or Officer’s superior unless alternative arrangements have been approved by the Board. Standing Order 2.13 will be followed in the absence of the Chairman/Vice Chairman/Chief Executive or Director of Finance and Performance as appropriate.


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Reservation of Powers to the Board and Delegation of Powers