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Standing Orders

Statutory Framework

The South Staffordshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust) is a public benefit corporation authorised by the Independent Regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts under the Health and Social Care (Community Health Standards) Act 2003.

The Trust’s principal places of business are:

St George’s Hospital, Corporation Street, Stafford;

George Bryan Centre, Plantation Lane, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3NG.

The Redwoods Centre, Shrewsbury

The Trust provides a range of services from a range of sites, mainly within South Staffordshire and Shropshire but across other parts of the country too.

NHS Foundation Trusts are governed by statute, mainly the Health and Social Care (Community Health Standards) Act 2003, by their constitutions and by the terms of their authorisation by the Independent Regulator (the Regulatory Framework).

The Independent Regulator confers the functions of the Trust in the Foundation Trust Terms of Authorisation.

As a body corporate the Trust has specific powers to contract in its own name and to act as a corporate trustee. In the latter role it is accountable to the Charity Commission for those funds deemed to be charitable. The Trust also has a common law duty as a bailee for patients’ property held by the Trust on behalf of patients.

The Constitution requires the Board of Directors in consultation with the Council of Governors to adopt Standing Orders (SOs) for the regulation of its proceedings and business.

The Trust will also be bound by other statutes and legal provisions that govern the conduct of its affairs.

NHS Foundation Trust Framework

In addition to statutory requirements the Independent Regulator issues further guidance and advice to NHS Foundation Trusts.

Delegation of Powers

The Trust has powers to delegate and make arrangements for delegation. The Standing Orders set out the details of these arrangements.

Under the Standing Orders relating to the Arrangements for the Exercise of Functions (SO 4) the Board of Directors exercises its powers to make arrangements for the exercise, on behalf of the Trust, of any of its functions by a committee or sub-committee appointed by virtue of SO 5 or by an officer of the Trust, in each case subject to such restrictions and conditions as the Board of Directors thinks fit or as the Independent Regulator may direct. Delegated Powers are covered in a separate document (Reservation of Powers to the Board of Directors and Delegation of Powers). That document has effect as if incorporated into the Standing Orders.


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Standing Orders