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Standing Financial Instructions

These Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs) together with the Trust’s Standing Orders provide a business and financial framework and set the rules which Directors and officers of the Trust (including employees of third parties contracted to the Trust) shall be expected to work. Together they cover all aspect of (financial) management and control and set out the responsibilities of individuals including the levels of responsibilities clearly delegated to Executives and other senior officers. 

These documents together fulfil the roles of: 

(a) Protecting the interests of the Trust; 

(b) Explaining financial responsibilities and regulating the conduct of the Trust, its Directors, officers and agents in relation to all financial matters. 

(c) Providing the financial framework that will enable staff who comply with it, to be confident that they are acting properly. 

In addition a new ‘Guide to SFIs’ will be produced and will be made available to all Staff. 

Any questions relating to SFIs should be referred to the Director of Finance and Performance or Deputy Director of Finance and Performance as appropriate. The Standing Financial Instructions are formally adopted by the Board and shall be reviewed bi-annually by the Trust.


Link to the full Policy:

Standing Financial Instructions