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Pay Services

Meet our Pay Services Team:



Our Pay Services team is responsible for paying Trust staff accurately and on time using the NHS's ESR system (Employee Staff Record) and information from a variety of sources i.e. from -

New Starter, Change and Termination forms,
• E-Pay Healthroster system
• Local policies e.g. On Call, Change & Termination Forms
• External bodies e.g. NHS Employers (Terms and Conditions), NHS Pensions, HMRC etc
• Our staff themselves.


Staff wanting to access the information that we hold on their ESR, and in some cases change personal information (e.g. Bank details) can do so via ESR's Employee Self Service option.


Key Payroll dates

  • Cut off Date = the third working day of each month for same month payment
  • Pay Day = 28th of each month (or the last working day before if the 28th falls on a weekend on Bank Holiday)


Terms & Conditions of Service (T&Cs)


Other Useful Information and Links


Expenses - Please see E-pay Healthroster Section


Please click here for all pay related forms.


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