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E-Pay Healthroster - Manager

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E-Pay Healthroster - Manager

Link to E-Pay Healthroster Manager login page (this link is accessible from home, on a tablet, phone, etc...)


1. Manager Guides, Notes and Information

2. Forms

3. Trust Travel Policy & Other Useful Documents


ESR Note:

The Absence tab in ESR will allow you to view absences transferred to your record from E-Pay. To see the details of each absence click the Show link in the Details column. This will display information including absence category and times.

Please Note: sickness is recorded in calendar days and not working days. If you work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and you are away from work from Monday 8th and don’t return to work until Wednesday 17th for example, then your record will show 9 calendar days absence, despite you having been away from work for only 5 working days. This is in line with both statutory regulations and AfC Terms and Conditions of service.

Annual Leave entitlements shown in ESR include Bank Holidays.

Annual Leave is always recorded in hours.


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