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Preventing Radicalisation: PREVENT Strategy Implementation Policy

This Policy/Strategy document highlights direction, processes and procedures to be adopted by South Staffordshire & Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in relation to the implementation of the PREVENT agenda.

The key principles and objectives of this implementation process are as follows:

  • NHS Staff know how to safeguard and support vulnerable individuals, whether service users, patients or staff, who have been identified as being at risk of being radicalised by extremists
  • Appropriate systems are in place for staff to raise concerns if they believe that this form of exploitation is taking place
  • The Trust promotes and operates safe environments where violent extremists are unable to operate
  • A trust wide training and awareness programme is implemented to ensure that staff are aware of their responsibilities in relation to the PREVENT agenda

The NHS is a key partner in the successful implementation of the PREVENT agenda particularly as healthcare professionals routinely come into contact with people who may be vulnerable to radicalisation. Service Users and patients who access mental health or learning disability services may be more easily drawn into terrorism and it is also known that staff working within NHS services have previously taken part in terrorist activities.

The key challenge for the NHS is to ensure that where there are signs that someone has been, or is being drawn into to terrorism, healthcare staff have the skills to interpret these signs correctly, are aware of the support that is available and are confident in referring the person(s) for further support.

PREVENT aims to protect those who are vulnerable to exploitation from those who seek to get people to support or commit acts of violence and healthcare staff are well placed to recognise individuals, whether service users, patients or staff, who may be vulnerable and therefore more susceptible to radicalisation by violent extremists or terrorists.

Every member of staff has a role to play in protecting and supporting vulnerable individuals who use our services and the implementation of the PREVENT agenda is fundamental to our duty of care to such individuals.


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Preventing Radicalisation: PREVENT Strategy Implementation Policy


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Preventing Radicalisation: PREVENT Strategy Implementation Policy EIA

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