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Security Management Policy


The information contained within this Policy will advise on procedures and processes to be adopted by South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (The Trust) to ensure full compliance with national and local direction related to the provision of a full and comprehensive security management service.

The Trust recognises and accepts its responsibilities that the management of security related matters will always present as a significant risk to an organisation such as ours.It is also recognised that crime against the NHS can have a serious impact on everyone who works within or uses its services. All of those working in the NHS have a responsibility to be aware of these issues and play an active role in managing the risks related to criminal activity and breaches of security. The Trust remains committed to ensuring that adequate resources are afforded to manage all security related matters and by preventing and tackling crime the Trust can continue to be able to support and enhance the effective delivery of healthcare services to provide the best possible care for patients and service users. Commitment is also given to the creation of a pro-security culture and an environment where staff, patients and visitors feel valued, safe and secure.

This Security Management Policy sets out the organisational arrangements to enable the Trust and staff to comply with these responsibilities and associated direction.


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Security Management Policy

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