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Communications Policy

The Trust is committed to improving communication and engagement; understanding the importance of listening as well as communicating. The Trust recognises that communication and engagement is a key part of contributing to safe and effective patient care.  It is about:

  • Listening to help us deliver and improve quality of care.
  • Involvement of all our stakeholders and audiences in many ways.
  • Influence among stakeholders, locally and nationally, to contribute and be part of the health and social care debate.
  • Strengthening our core NHS/Trust identity, reinforcing our core values and staff behaviours.
  • Relevance in our community and reducing stigma in mental health and learning disabilities.
  • Empowerment of our staff – recognising that solutions lie with them.

This new Policy is based on the recently updated Communications and Engagement Strategy and should be read in conjunction with the SOPs for Easy Read, Patient Information, the Communication Standards and the Social Media Online Toolkit.

Link to the full Policy:

Communications Policy

Link to the Equalities Impact Analysis:

Communications Policy - EIA

Link to the Standard Operating Procedures

Patient Information SOP

Easy Read SOP

Communications Standards SOP

Uploading Documents to the Website SOP

Link to the SOP Equalities Impact Analysis:

Patient Information SOP- EIA

Communications Standards EIA