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Policy Development Manual

The Policy Development Manual provides a guide and templates for the development, consultation, approval, ratification, implementation and monitoring of all policies and procedures approved for use within the Trust.

All policies and procedures must be developed and approved in a systematic manner to ensure consistency and quality and to keep their numbers to a minimum. All agreed policies and procedures will be available on the Trust website and intranet. 

It is not recommended that printed copies of agreed policies and procedures are retained indefinitely. All staff are advised to use the electronic copies in order to ensure they are accessing the most up-to-date version of a policy/procedure. Managers should ensure that all staff are familiar with any policy/procedure relevant to their work area. Training and communication through team meetings and briefings should take place with regular monitoring and audit.

Link to the Policy Development Manual:

Policy Development Manual

Link to the Equalities Impact Analysis:

Policy Development Manual - EIA