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Assessment, Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers Policy

This Policy supports the national drive to improve the quality of care in relation to reducing harm to patients by pressure area damage, in collaboration with the national nursing strategy, ‘Compassion in Practice’ and previous ‘High Impact Actions for Nursing’, which both set standards of no avoidable pressure ulcers within the care environment by providing guidance on the early identification of patients at risk of developing pressure ulcers. Recommendations apply equally across the primary and secondary care interface, including specialist units, for example older people and eating disorders services.

“Avoidable” means that the person receiving care developed a pressure ulcer and the provider of care did not do one of the following:

• Evaluate the person’s clinical condition and pressure ulcer risk factors.

• Plan and implement interventions that are consistent with the person’s needs and goals and recognised standards of practice.

• Monitor and evaluate the impact of the interventions or revise the interventions as appropriate.

Link to the full Policy:

Assessment, Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers Policy

Assessment, Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers Policy - Associated documents


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