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Assessment and Management of Physical Health Policy

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People with Learning Disability or Mental health problems are more likely than other people to have significant health risks and develop serious physical health problems. Among people in the Trust’s care there are significant numbers for whom special considerations regarding the importance of good physical health care apply. In particular these include older people, those with learning disabilities and in forensic settings as well as people who self harm, children and high dependency patients cared for by the Specialist Community Nursing Team and end of life care.

South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is intent that all service users will receive a core assessment or review of their physical health needs and all service users admitted to hospital will receive a full physical assessment. This policy describes the minimum standard of physical assessment that a service user can expect.

All Service users resident in an inpatient facility for more than 12 months will have a documented review of their physical health every 6 months and a full physical examination every year, and more frequently if indicated.

This Policy supersedes Policy for assessing and managing the Physical Health Needs of Service Users (2011) and should be read in conjunction with the policies and Standing Operating Procedures on page 1 of this policy.


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Assessment and Management of Physical Health Policy

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Assessment and Management of Physical Health SOP 

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