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Care Cluster Policy

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The Department of Health mandated the use of Care Clusters from April 2012 as the preferred currency for recording activity within all Mental Health Services for working age adults and older people in England. The purpose of this is to ensure Service Users coming into contact with Mental Health Services will be offered the right package of care, based on best practice, but personalised to meet their individual needs, and focused on supporting Service Users to move towards Well-being and Recovery Positive Experience of Care with Positive Outcomes

The Department of Health (DoH) requires that all Service Users must be assessed and allocated to a Care Cluster by their Mental Health provider. Care Clusters are applicable to Service Users receiving services from; Primary and Secondary Care Mental Health Services (Including Dementia), Eating Disorders and Perinatal Services.

Care Clusters must be allocated/reviewed by the responsible clinician at the following points and within the given standards and timescales:


-       Initial Assessment

-       Review

  • All planned CPA or other formal care reviews
  • Any other point where a significant change in planned care is deemed necessary;
    • Unplanned reviews,
    • Hospital admissions
    • Transfer to another Team/Service – e.g. Referral to CRHT

-       Discharge from Mental Health Services


The DoH and Monitor have also mandated that all providers should evaluate and report Service and Patient Outcomes via a Clinician Rated Outcome Measure (CROM), a Patient Rated Outcome Measure (PROM), Patient Goals (Goal Attainment Scale) and a Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM).

This fits with a model of providing safe and effective services using evidenced based interventions that work to improve the mental health, well-being and recovery of Service Users

This Policy supersedes The Care Cluster Policy V1.0 December 2013. This Policy should be read in association with other Trust Policies, Standards and Procedures, in particular the Care Cluster Procedures and Care Programme Approach Policy

Link to the full Policy:

Care Cluster Policy

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Care Cluster Policy- EIA

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Care Cluster SOP 

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Care Cluster SOP EIA