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Did Not Attend Policy

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Users of the Trust services may choose to discontinue contact or not attend appointments with some or all of the services we provide. In some cases this may not be problematic but there will be occasions where a person’s non-attendance is an indicator that they may be at risk through deterioration in their mental health or other issues preventing them from attending.

Therefore, any failure of planned contact should be regarded as a potentially serious matter and should lead to an assessment of potential risk.

Continuity of care for users of Trust services is of paramount importance for the welfare of the Service User and to ensuring risks are minimised. Clinical staff have a key role to play in ensuring Service Users are given every opportunity to continue engagement with services.

This Policy should be applied to all those referred to or receiving services from South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

The Trust recognises that providing an appropriate response when Service Users fail to attend for appointments, home visits, clinics or day-care is a key component to ensuring safe and effective care.

This Policy sets out the standard procedures Trust staff are expected to follow to ensure an appropriate response when Service Users disengage from Trust services.

The Trust’s Care Programme Approach and Clinical Risk Management Policies set out the core framework for ensuring that care is managed both safely and effectively, and is responsive to the individual needs of Service Users. This Policy should be read in conjunction with those documents.


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Did Not Attend Policy

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Did Not Attend Policy EIA

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Did Not Attend SOP

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Did Not Attend SOP EIA