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Restrictive Practices Policy

This Policy provides guidance and advice for the Trust, professionals and practitioners on how to manage people with disturbed behaviour which may present a particular risk to themselves or to others, including those charged with their care. It also outlines the Trust restrictive intervention reduction programmes and references Trust policies on related matters. The Policy makes clear that restrictive interventions such as: enhanced observation, physical restraint, mechanical restraint, rapid tranquillisation, seclusion and long-term segregation, should only be used in a way that respects human rights.

Except where otherwise stated, this policy applies to all people receiving treatment for a mental disorder and who are liable to present with behavioural disturbances, regardless of their age and whether or not they are detained under the Act.


Link to the full Policy:

Restrictive Practices Policy

Link to the Equalities Impact Analysis:

Restrictive Practices Policy - EIA

Link to the Standard Operating Procedures:

Seclusion Other than in a Seclusion Room-Suite SOP

Seclusion in a Seclusion Room-Suite SOP

Use of Long Term Segregation SOP

Physical Interventions SOP

Mechanical Restraint SOP


 Link to the Equalities Impact Analysis:

Seclusion Other than in a Seclusion Room SOP - EIA

Seclusion in a Seclusion Room-Suite SOP - EIA

Use of Long Term Segregation SOP - EIA

Physical Interventions SOP - EIA

Mechanical Restraint SOP - EIA


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