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Resuscitation Policy

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This Policy is required to ensure that all staff members are aware of their responsibilities and what to do in the event that any person requires resuscitation. This replaces the previous Resuscitation Policy in part, but the procedural parts of that Policy will now be included in a new Resuscitation SOP.

Non-Clinical Staff

All non-clinical staff within the Trust must be aware of how to summon assistance and or call for an emergency ambulance when required to do so.

Clinical Staff

ALL clinical staff, regardless of their job title or work base will be expected to administer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or sometimes referred to as Basic Life Support (BLS) whenever the need may arise. The interventions included in that resuscitation will necessarily differ depending upon the position and experience of the member of staff and the location within the Trust, i.e. either inpatient or community areas.

Link to the full Policy:

Resuscitation Policy

Link to the Policy Equalities Impact Analysis:

Resuscitation Policy - EIA

Link to the Standard Operating Procedure:

Administration of Oxygen - SOP

Resuscitation SOP

Anaphylaxis SOP

Do Not Attempt Resuscitation SOP

Link to the SOPs Equalities Impact Analysis:

Administration of Oxygen EIA

Resuscitation SOP - EIA

Anaphylaxis SOP - EIA

Do Not Attempt Resuscitation SOP - EIA