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Medicines Code

The Department of Health requires that NHS Trusts establish, document and maintain an effective system to ensure that medicines are handled in a safe and secure manner.

There have been a number of changes and developments in recent years:

  • New professional practices concerning the use of medicines have developed and continue to develop.
  • The formation of community based functional teams who have had to create new approaches to care provision for people who would have previously been inpatients.
  • New healthcare practitioners are dealing with medicines as a routine part of their day-to-day work.
  • The use of new information technology to assist medicine use requires new policies and procedures.
  • The concepts of patient focused care and patient empowerment require a fresh approach to some long-established practices.
  • Clinical governance and risk management are high on the Trust's agenda.
  • The development and deployment of non-medical prescribers.

This Medicines Code defines the policies and procedures to be followed within the South Staffordshire & Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (SSSHFT) for the prescribing, ordering, dispensing, storing and administering of medicines. The SSSHFT Medicines Code is not intended to apply to any other NHS Trust, unless this is specifically stated in a contract for pharmacy services with that Trust.

All staff and disciplines working, including agency and bank staff, within the Trust who are involved in some way with the use of medicines, must familiarise themselves with the correct procedures contained in this Code

Link to the full Policy:

Medicines Code

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Medicines Code and SOPs - EIA

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