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Prescription Forms and Security Policy

Theft of prescription forms and their consequent misuse is an area of concern for a number of reasons. A prescription form is an NHS asset that has a financial cost attached. Prescription forms should be treated as ‘blank cheques’ which, in the wrong hands, can lead to a misuse of NHS resources.

Stolen forms, or indeed whole pads, can be used to illegally obtain controlled drugs (CDs), as well as other medicines either for illegitimate personal use, which might lead to a clinical incident, or for the purpose of selling them on. The forms themselves are items of value which can be sold to a third party.

Prescription forms and prescription pads are very small items, easy to conceal and move and, given that they are often not considered valuable items as such, storage and access arrangements may not be at the forefront of people’s minds. Assistance with the secure management of prescriptions can be found in this policy.

There are already a number of security measures that have been built into prescription forms to prevent theft and fraudulent use. However, these are rendered less effective if poor security measures overall allow theft of the forms in the first instance.


Link to the full Policy:

Prescription Forms & Security Policy

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Prescription Forms and Security Policy - EIA

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Prescribing Controlled Drugs SOP