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Getting Involved

Foundation Trusts are part of the NHS, but they have thousands of members and are run locally with a Council of Governors which represents the Members and works
with the Board of Directors.


Staff, patients, service users, carers, partner organisations and the public all have the opportunity to become members and elect Governor Members who have a say in the running of the Trust.


What is membership?

Membership is simply an indication of your interest in our services. How much you choose to take part as a Member is up to you. You may just want receive information from time to time and vote once every three years for someone to represent you on the Council of Governors.

We currently have over 11500 public members, and this number is growing.


Involvement and Experience

Involvement enables the Trust to learn from the personal experiences of our service users and carers and ensures that service developments are responsive to their needs. Also, the benefits to service users can be therapeutic and contribute to their recovery.



Volunteering with our Trust can be a rewarding and door-opening experience for anyone looking to; gain hands-on experience in their future profession, make a difference to the lives of those in their community, expand their knowledge while providing support to those working in mental health.



To find out more about Membership, Involvement, and Volunteering at the Trust please visit