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Strategic Plan

Strategic planThe strategic overview



Our five year vision is underpinned by our intent and is delivered within three core values. We have also established five aims which describe what we will seek to achieve on our way to deliver our vision.


Contained within the strategic plan is:

  • The Strategic overview - showing our vision and values
  • Our 2016 aspirational outcomes - showing how we will behave and what we will look like in 2016 against our five aims


It is supported by a delivery plan which details the steps we will take to achieve our annual aims through our governance arrangements


high quality recovery focused services

1. Services are timely, appropriate, considerate, based and focused on personal recovery and delivered with passion

2. All services will improve people's lives and help people recover from episodes of ill health

3. People who use our services will be able to see clearly how they have shaped our services into the future

4. Tracking progress throughout all our services by using outcome measures will be part of the normal everyday

experience for people who use our services and our staff

5. All clinical audits will be prioritised according to national and local priorities and we will be able to demonstrate how

the audit cycle has been completed in each case

6. Implement a clinical information system that fully supports an Electronic Patient Record that supports clinical

and business decisions, nurturing and supporting innovative clinical delivery to provided evidence to support a

governance risk rating of green

7. Demonstrate our commitment to treating and caring for people in a safe environment and protecting them from

avoidable harm

inspire and develop our workforce

1. All staff work in real teams; mandatory training and appraisals are complete, meaningful and timely

2. Demonstrable principles of the recovery model applied to all services
3. Be the local leader in leadership and management development opportunities
4. Actively support the improved health and wellbeing of our staff
5. Each service area has a workforce and development plan aligned to service, business and financial planning processes
6. Clear demonstration of dignity and respect across all areas of the Trust
7. A culture where staff feel engaged, empowered and able to innovate
8. Living and embedding our values at every stage of the employment journey, through recruitment, appraisal, and development

through co-operation and co-production
1. Clearly defined productive partnering arrangements that show benefits to clinical quality, reputation and resource use
2. A deployed preferred commercial partnership framework linked to a commercial strategy aligned to preferred partners which supports the Trust's role in the patient pathway
3. Dedicated subcontracts and prime contracts for the delivery of services offering confidence, assurance and delivery across multiple sectors and pathways
4. Dedicated professorial and research partnerships with preferred Universities
5. Fully deployed national and international partnership with the MoD resulting in the Trust offering a range of
sustainable services to UK and American Armed Forces
6. Progressive specialist services, integrating expertise through lived-experience, skilled professionals and co- produced initiatives to pursue the highest quality of provision for those using our service.
regulatory, financial, performance and quality Standards

1. Delivery and articulation of all regulatory requirements in an accessible easy to understand format
2. Improvements needed to demonstrate we can maintain compliance with any CQC regulation will be able to be
tracked and evidenced electronically
3. Retain a financial risk rating commensurate with the aspirations of the Trust, which demonstrates improving
financial efficiency, meeting agreed targets and controlling expenditure whilst supporting the local economy

4. Fully engage in and influence the outcome of Payment by Results implementation for Mental Health
5. Fully implement the Electronic Staff Record to facilitate staff to function efficiently, reduce the administrative
burden to free up clinical face to face time and enhance the service user and carer experience

our current service portfolio in order to enrich services
1. Be the provider of comprehensive and integrated mental health and learning disability services across Staffordshire and Shropshire
2. Greater developed niche markets offering greater choice to local people
3. Be a comprehensive provider of Children and family services across the West Midlands
4. Co-produce a range of shared services across Shropshire and Staffordshire
5. Fully deployed evidence of service user and member involvement in the shaping and delivering of new business
models and packages of care
6. Full deployment of Service Line Management ensuring that all business decisions can be informed and shaped
on accurate and current financial and clinical information.
7. Provide business support to operational divisions in developing business plans, negotiating tenders and explaining commercial opportunities 


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