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Adults in Staffordshire with mental health conditions needing social care support and assessments are currently supported by two organisations - South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (SSSFT) and North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare Trust (NSCHT).

Staffordshire County Council is legally responsible for making sure social care for adults with mental health conditions is available to people across Staffordshire. In May 2009 the County Council agreed that SSSFT and NSCHT would provide these functions on its behalf through a formal process called a 'Section 75 Partnership Agreement.'

The County Council is now looking to implement a new 'Section 75 Partnership Agreement' with just one provider of adult social care mental health services across Staffordshire from 2018 - SSSFT - believing this to be the best approach for the future.

The aim is that;

Everyone should receive the same standards of mental health social care support regardless of where they live in the county.

The system will be less complicated allowing stronger and closer relationships to develop with other adult social care partners.

Staffordshire County Council is keen to hear what you think about their proposals, any suggestions you have for doing things differently and how the new agreement could impact on you.  Their consultation will run until 24 January 2018.

Find out more on Staffordshire County Council's website;