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More people will be able to get help from Wellbeing Matters Tamworth following the appointment of 21 new staff.

The five qualified therapists and 16 trainees all start this week as part of a new initiative focusing on improving mental health support for people with long term physical conditions such as diabetes or respiratory conditions.

Two thirds of people with such long term physical health conditions also have a mental health problem, mostly anxiety and depression. These common mental health disorders are detectable and treatable.

The £450k funding from the Mental Health Transformation Fund will cover South East Staffordshire , Seisdon and East Staffordshire and will enable Wellbeing Matters to provide additional services to people with long term physical health conditions.

Sarah Watts, Clinical Lead for Wellbeing Matters said “There is good evidence that treating people’s mental and physical problems in an integrated way leads to better outcomes. This means improvements in mental health, but also people’s management of their physical health problem – leading to better physical health, fewer complications and at least 20% lower physical health costs”.

Wellbeing Matters helps people aged 16 or over who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety, phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and trauma. Find out more at