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South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has been shortlisted in the Staff Engagement category of the prestigious national Health Service Journal Awards.

The Trust has achieved significant improvements in how staff feel about working for the organisation, and this in turn has positively affected patient care, resulting in the Trust being rated “good” by the Care Quality Commission as well as other external recognition.

The evidence from more than two decades of study is that a workforce that feels valued and has an element of control over its future is healthier and more productive. High levels of staff engagement result in improved levels of patient satisfaction, so staff wellbeing is essential to patient wellbeing.

This HSJ award is about recognising organisations that have turned the theory of engaging with staff into reality. It recognises organisations that are able to demonstrate that staff engagement is central to the culture – where staff are at the heart of decision making processes, feel valued, and understand the values of the organisation.

Evidence of the Trust’s successful approach to staff engagement included the results from the national staff opinion survey which placed the Trust in the top 10% nationally as a place to work. A record number of staff responded to the survey and recorded very high levels of staff engagement. Numbers recommending the Trust as place to work or receive care were also higher than average.

The Trust is one of only 28 organisations ranked Segment 1 by NHS Improvement, meaning low risk, stable and well-governed and the CQC ‘good’ rating included a citation for leadership and the extent to which the Trust’s values are lived by teams.

The HSJ Awards have recognised, celebrated and promoted the finest achievements in the NHS for the past 35 years. This year’s award ceremony will be held in London on 23 November 2016.

Greg Moores, Director of Workforce and Development said “We have made a significant commitment to ensuring our staff are involved and engaged in all aspects of the Trust’s services and that they feel empowered to make the changes that they want to see within their services to ultimately improve patient care. We strive to ensure that staff feel valued and able to contribute to the organisation and it is wonderful to have our efforts recognised by this prestigious shortlisting. We know engaged and motivated staff provide the best care and will continue to support our colleagues to live our Trust values every day.”